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Welcome to my Flash tutorials. This page contains links to all my tutorials on this blog. Rather you having to surf through the separate categories to find a tutorial you like. I have created a separate page to hold a list of all my tutorials.

**UPDATE: Some of my older tutorials from this list have been removed and some of my newer tutorial have not yet been added, so be sure to use the search bar on the right to locate a particular tutorial.

Actionscript 2.0

Countdown timer
Display time
Open Url with button
Mail to Button
Create a custom cursor
Type on stage
Key controls
Dynamic masking
Drop target property
Display date
Collision testing
Draggable dynamic mask
Limit movement on the stage
Increase/decrease image using mouse wheel
Position of mouse
Scale images with buttons

Actionscript 3.0

Custom cursor
Drag and drop
Limit drag and drop
Black and white gallery effect
Keyboard controls
Open URL
Mailto button
Display date
Simple hit test
Dynamic mask
Image rollover effect
Dynamic masks using sprites
Scratch card
Full screen mode
Create a stopwatch
Disable context menu
Custom context menu
Load external text
Dynamically centre object
Follow object with mouse
Find mouse position
Reversing a string
Drawing lines
Collision Detection
Attach movie clip dynamically
Generate random numbers
Zoom in/out effect
Load external SWF
Button component countdown
Limit stage boundaries
Change movie clip colours randomly
Screen wrapping
Hiding movie clips


Adding sound to a button
Create a sound board
Create a sound button
Play sound – Dynamically
Play sound in AS3
Play external sound in AS3
Toggle sound button (AS3)


Creating a basic button
Using input text
External actionscript files
Image as button


Math game (AS3)
Lottery app (AS3)
Blur guess game (AS3)
Simple shooting game (AS3)
Paper, Scissors and rocks (AS3)
Number guessing game (AS3)
Magic 8 ball (AS3) 
Scary maze game (AS3) 
Clicking game (AS2)
Hidden mask game (AS2)


Basic navigation menu
Drop down menu
Zoom horizontal navigation
Vertical sliding menu (AS3)
Horizontal sliding menu (AS3)
Fading menu(AS3)
Stretch menu(AS3)
Glow button menu (AS3)

Special effects

Blur image effect
Image transition effect
Rain effect
Bitmap to image effect
Black and white gallery effect (AS3)
Banner Selector (AS3)
Banner resizer (AS3)
Banner slider (AS3)

Tips and tricks

Remove border from scrollpane
Using the scrollpane component
Create a draggable object
Drag and drop jigsaw puzzle
Scrollable text
Using mask layers
Follow object on mouse click
Using scenes in AS3
onEnterFrame in AS3
Tweens in AS3
Remove unused library items
Add blur filter to movie clips (AS3)
Detect key press (AS3)

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