Saturday, 19 April 2008

Skin a scrollbar in flash

This flash tutorial will teach you how to skin/customise the default flash scroll bar.

Let’s begin !

Adding the scroll bar

Step 1

Open a flash document.
Decide the width and height of the document.

Step 2

Select the text tool (T) from the toolbar.
From the properties panel at the bottom of the screen. Select the dynamic text from the drop down menu and also select multiline from the drop down menu.


Step 3

Draw a text box on stage.
Add a few lines of text to the text box. Any text will do for the moment, you can easily change it later.


Step 4

Select windows > components > user interface and drag the UIScrollBar to the side of the textbox. It should look something like below:


Test the scrollbar Ctrl + enter.
You should notice that there is no scroll bar. However, add some lines of text and the scroll bar should hopefully appear.


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