Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The timeline in detail

The timeline is where you specify where you want graphics and other elements to appear over time. The timeline displays each frame of your flash application, like a film. It can also contain frames, key frames, and black key frames.


The playhead show which frame the timeline is currently shown on the stage. The playhead can be dragged to any specific frame.


Layers organised objects on the stage. Layers are like invisible sheets where you can stack one on top of the other. The controls on the layer section allow you to hide, lock layers, and show outline.

Key frames with content

A key frame contains content which is shown by a solid circle in the frame. The means there is something on the stage.

Empty Key frame

An empty key frame contains no content which is shown with an outline of a circle. A new flash document begin with a empty key frame.

Frame rate

The frame rate is number of frames played per second.

Current frame

The current frame is the current position of the playhead.


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