Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The tool panel in detail

The tool panel contains tool for drawing shapes, modifying objects, adding text and changing colour. When a tool is selected the property tab changes to the setting of the select tool.

The tool panel is separated into four sections:

1. The tool area contains selection, shape, painting and drawing tools.
2. The view area contains zooming and panning.
3. The colour area contains fill and stroke colours.
4. The options areas display the currently selected tool extra operations.

* The selection tool selects an object by clicking or dragging the object within a rectangular section.
* The lasso tool selects an object by forming a circular section around the object
* The free transform tool rotates, enlarges and distorts an object.
* The text tool adds text.
* The line, circle, and rectangle tool are used to draw primitive shapes.
* The pen tool draws straight or curved lines.
* The pencil tool draws free transform lines.
* The brush tool draws brush strokes.
* The paint bucket fills an area with colour.
* The eyedropper selects individual colours.
* The eraser erases an object.


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