Tuesday, 20 May 2008

What is Flash ?

Flash is an authoring tool used to create presentations, websites, applications and other content that enables users interactions. Flash applications include an integration of animations, sound, video and text.

A Flash document has five main parts:

The stage

The stage is where videos, graphic, buttons, animation etc will appear during playback. The white area of the stage is the visible part of your project. The stage size, background colour and frame rate can all be modified.

The timeline

The timeline is where you specify where you want graphics and other elements to appear over time. There is also layer feature in the timeline which allows layering order of elements on the stage.

The library panel

The library panel is where Flash display the list of elements in your flash document.

The tools panel

The tool panel contains tool for drawing shapes, modifying objects, adding text and changing colour.


Actionscript code allow you to add interactivity to the elements in your document which adds logic to your applications.

eg. button_btn = onRelease () {

gotoAndPlay("Scene3", 10)



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