Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Reflected text effect

This Flash tutorial will teach you how to create a reflected text effect. This effect requires using the colour mixer tab and is very easy to create.

Reflected text effect

Step 1

Create a new Flash document and fill the background colour black.
Select the text tool and type your message on the stage. I used Impact font type, but you can use whatever you wish.

Step 2

On the timeline insert a new layer and copy your message from layer 1 onto the new layer. To do this you select your message and copy it by selecting Edit > Copy then choose the new layer and select Edit > Paste to paste your message. Your stage should look like below:

Step 3

Now flip your copy message vertical by selecting Modify > Transform > Flip vertical.

Right click on your message and select break apart. Repeat this and your message should have little dots like below:

Step 4

Select the paint bucket tool then the colour mixer tab at the right hand side. Change the type to linear and use the following settings:

Drag the paint bucket tool downward for each letter. Make sure only half the letter in dragged downward. This gives the letters a darker colour towards the bottom each of the letter.

Step 5

Select all the letters of your message by going to the timeline select the first frame of layer 2. This should select all the letters.

Now select Modify > Transform > Distort. Drag the bottom right and left sides of the message, so its looks flared.

You should now have a reflected text effect.


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