Friday, 22 August 2008

Sliding text effect

This Flash tutorial will teach you how to create a sliding text effect. This gives the effect of text sliding in from the side. This tutorial is similar to the gun shot text effect.

Sliding text effect

Step 1

Open a new Flash document. Select the text tool (T) and type your message on the stage. I used impact font type with #33FF00 colour, but you can use whatever font you wish. I have also used a black background colour.

Step 2

On the timeline select the 15th frame and insert a keyframe (F6). Now select the 1st frame and right click on your message and select break apart. Repeat this until you can see little dot on your message like below:

Step 3

Select the selection tool (V) and drag a small rectangle shape from your message and move it to the left. Repeat this for the right and then alternate until your message is no longer on the stage. It show look like below:

Step 4

Using the selection tool (V) select each rectangle block in turn and convert it into a symbol by pressing F8. Give it an appropriate name (block1, block 2.. etc), check movie clip and click ok.

Now select each movie clip on the stage and right click and select distribute to layers.

Step 5

On the timeline select the first movie clip (rectangle block) and insert a keyframe(F6) at frame 15. And then move the movie clip on top and the text on the stage. On the timeline right click anywhere in between the 1st and 15th frame and select Create Motion Tween. Now repeat this for all the movie clips.

You timeline should look something like below:

**Note: I have added some extra frames on layer 1.

Step 6

On the timeline select the first key frame of the first movie clip. And using the selection tool (V) click the letter on the stage and change the alpha colour to 0%. Now repeat this for all the letters.

You should now have a sliding text effect.


Anonymous 5 March 2009 at 18:29  

how do you "drag a small rectangle shape from your message"?
if i try to select my word, the whole word just moves!!
what should i do..pleasee helppp!!!

iliketo 6 March 2009 at 05:22  


Take a look at the image below the step.

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