Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Using layer folders

Layer folders are an easy way to sort and organise your layers. For example if you have lots of different layers. It makes it difficult for you to find the layer your need. Organising the various elements such as actionscript, animation, audio, and other elements into separate folders, makes your task less confusing and quicker. If you have tons of elements you can even have a layer folder within a layer folder. You can also: expand, collapse and lock layer folders without affecting what you see on the stage.

Create a layer folder

Select the Insert layer folder button on the timeline. And you should notice a new folder in the timeline. You are free to give whatever name you the folder.

To make a layer inside the layer folder simply drag and drop the layer into the layer folder and your layer should appear inside the folder.

Expand or collapse

To expand or collapse a layer folder you click the little triangle beside the layer folder. Or you can also right click on your layer folder and select expand folder or collapse folder.

Delete a layer folder

Deleting a layer folder is the same as deleting a regular layer. You select the folder you wish to delete then the blue trash can icon.

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