Friday, 23 January 2009

Using the eraser tool

The eraser tool obviously erases “things” you see on the screen, but did you know there are 3options: Eraser mode, Faucet, and Eraser shapes. You have probably used the eraser shapes option before, but I guess you have never used the other two before. The eraser tool on the toolbar is next eyedropper tool and looks like a pink eraser.

Eraser Mode

The eraser mode allows you to modify the way you erase an objects or part of an object. The following are the eraser mode options:

* Eraser normal – Erases stroke and fill on a layer, basically whatever on the layer. This the default option for the eraser .
* Erase fill – Erases only the fill.
* Erase line – Erases only the line.
* Erase selected fills – Erase only the fill from a selected area.
* Erase inside – This is the same as erase selected, but you don’t have to select the area.

To use the eraser mode you select the eraser tool then one of the options above from the drop down menu and start erasing by dragging the tool over the area you want to erase.

The faucet

This tool is like a combination of the eraser mode. You click, for example, a stroke or fill and the tool remove the part for you. The difference is the eraser mode doesn’t affect either the stroke or fill depending on the option. The faucet just deletes whatever is selected.

To use the faucet, first select the eraser tool then the faucet option, and then click on a objects fill or stroke, to remove the area.


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