Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Demos of the Flash CS4 workspace

Over at the Flash Developer Connection at adobe.com you can find a collection of five video demos explaining the Flash CS4 workspace. These video demos are aimed at helping people understand and learn the new Flash workspace. I will briefly discuss each video demo in turn.

The first demo starts by discussing the workflow layouts and different Flash file types. Then the demo shows the general Flash CS4 workspace which consist of the stage, timeline and properties panel.

The second demo shows how to navigate and use the timeline in both the main timeline and inside a movie clips timeline.

The third demo explains the library panel, symbols and instances. The library panel basically holds objects for use on the stage. These objects are called symbols, the symbols or instances can be reused many times.

The fourth demo shows how to create simple motion tween animations with the new tweening feature in Flash CS4.

The final demo discusses buttons, Actionscript and interactivity. You will learn how to create a simple button and add Actionscript to the button.


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