Monday, 21 September 2009

Freebies at flabell

Over at you can find a collection of free Flash components for AS2 and AS3. Currently, there are 11 freebies available to download. The website also has Flash components that you can pay for. Here is a list and description of the freebies.

XML Banner Rotator – This is a rotating banner which displays a number of different images. There are 35 customizable options available.

Simple XML Quiz – A simple quiz in XML, the result of the quiz are store in a text file. You can have as many questions and answers in the quiz as you wish.

Magnifying glass effect – This is a magnifying glass effect which magnify an area of the image you choose.

Countdown timer – This countdown timer display the time left until an event happens.

XML Survey – Similar to the simply XML quiz as shown above.

360 view image rotator – This rotates an image 360 degree either using play/pause or the scrubbers.

XML Image slideshow – This is basically a XML image slideshow.

XML voting poll - This is a XML voting poll, you can have an unlimited amount of answers as well as customize the size and height.

Full text search component – This is a search component where you can search for image and text. The component is also fully customizable.

Simple Flash MP3 player – This is a simply MP3 player with four functions including play, pause, volume and a sound visualiser.

XML Image Gallery – This is an interactive Flash XML gallery.


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