Saturday, 28 November 2009

Creative TextFX V2 – review

The kind people over at have given me copy of the Creative TextFX V2 to review. Firstly, Creative TextFX V2 is a Flash component that gives you access to over 300 text effects. These text effects are fully customisable from the user interface and also from using Actionscript code.

The installation of the Creative TextFX is very straight forward. If you don’t know how to install components then checkout the post on installing extensions. After you have installed the component, you go to Window > Components then drag an instance of the Creative TextFX on the stage.

You now need to open up the TextFx panel by going to Window > Other Panel > TextFX panel making sure you have selected the component on the stage. The following panel should appear.

The numbers of different text effects you can create are practically limitless only your imagination can hold you back. There are three main types of text effects you can created which are: in effects, wait effects, and out effects. The ‘in/out’ effects create transitions in and from the stage, while the ‘wait’ effects create the transitions in one place. You can also add filters and custom actions to the text effects.

Overall, Creative TextFX is very simple and intuitive to use. The interface is easy to understand and you have the ability to fully customise every aspect of a text effect without using any Actionscript code. However, for those users who are Actionscript geeks, you can also use Actionscript code to dynamically create text effects. Below are some examples I created using the Creative TextFX component.

For more information checkout the Creative TextFX component at


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