Friday, 18 December 2009

Flash CS5 preview

Lee Brimelow from has posted a video showing all the new features of the new Flash CS5. You can watch the video here. The video is over 20 minutes long with the new features and improvements all being mentioned.

Some of the new features of Flash CS5 include:
• Some of the new features include:
• iphone packager which will allow you to publish iphone applications.
• Faster start up window that will not be displayed on top of every program.
• New video player skins.
• New text engine with improved character embedding panel, text control, styling, advanced text options etc.
• New XFL format which will replace the FLA format. The XFL format is a XML representation of the data in your project.
• New code snippets panel for faster Actionscript coding. You will now be able to generate many lines of code with a single click which should help with the learning of Actionscript 3.
• Actionscript custom class recognition with code hinting and completion.
• Redesigned Compiles Error panel.
• Integration with Flash builder.
• New brushes in the Deco tool.

(Checkout the video to find out the other features of the new Flash CS5).

Unfortunately there will not be a public beta as Adobe has decided not to release it. This is because Adobe have changed there plans from all the positive feedback they have received, so are instead trying to provide an earlier release date for the final CS5 software. The full post from Adobe can be found here.


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