Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Free Flash page flip effect

A Flash page flip effect gives the illusion of a realistic page turn of a book. This effect mimics the real way of browsing an actual document, so you would have to drag the mouse to turn over a page, or you could click a link to jump to a certain page. Many websites charge money for this effect, but I will provide three websites which offer this effect of free. You have to be aware that these free versions contain no advanced functionalities. However, for most people the basic version will work just fine.

1. Pageflip – Apparently the most professional and realistic free Flash book. Some of the features include: update via XML, page flip sounds, hard cover and many more.

2. Pixelwit – A powerful page flip which include the following features: adding page, resizing page, multiple page flip, and many more.

3. Flashpageflip – Another free Flash page flip with similar features to the above two links.

If you know any free Flash page flip effects, feel free to leave any comments below


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