Sunday, 3 January 2010

Flash CS4 Easter eggs

In Flash CS4 there are some Easter eggs which I will reveal you. Easter eggs are basically hidden messages or features purposefully left by the developers as some kind of funny prank.

To find the Easter eggs you need to open up Flash CS4. Choose an AS3 Flash file then from the menu bar select Help > About Adobe Flash CS4. The following window should appear.

You will notice the credits of the Flash developers appearing from the bottom of the window. Now click on the following three places shown below and “Easter eggs” will be revealed. The first EE will reverse the credits from appearing; the second EE will speed up the credits and the third EE will show a slideshow of the developers.

If you know any more Easter egg, feel free to leave any comments below.


group 3 April 2011 at 17:36  

In the same place as those of the developers, if one clicks the upper edge of the "l" in Fl, a picture appears of a deceased member of the development team.

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