Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tweenlite and TweenMax V11 released

Versions 11 of the Tweenlite and TweenMax tweening platforms from have been recently released. This update is the most significant and biggest upgrade with new capabilities and faster speeds. Below I will list some of the features of the new versions. Be sure you visit the Greensocks website for more information.

New plugins – There are five new plug-ins which are: tranformMatrix, motionBlur, physics2D, phsicsProps and dynamicProps.

TweenLite and TweenMax improvements – The following methods have now been added to TweenLite: play(), restart() pause(), resume() and reverse(); the useFrame property is now supported which means you make a tween based on the frames instead of seconds; the allTo() and allFrom() properties have been added to Tweemax.

Faster performance – There is a 3 – 15% speed improvement to the tweening engines from the internal algorithms which can execute calculations faster.

For details of all the features and changes, checkout the Greensocks website. I have only mentioned the main updates. There are lots of little changes and modifications in the new versions. For example, the base package has been changed to “com.greensock”, and also many property names have been renamed.


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