Monday, 1 February 2010

Flash CS4 – Timeline icon size

This is a quick Flash CS4 tip where you will learn how to increase the size of the timeline icons. By default the size of the icons are set to normal which looks like below.

The size of the icons can be easily changed by selecting the ‘Frame View options’ button on the right side of the timeline panel. There are seven sizes of icons that you can choose from which are shown below.

To change the size of the icons, you can select Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Preview or Preview in Context option. These options will increase/decrease the width of the individual frames. If you have a fully occupied timeline from long animations then choosing a smaller option will allow the whole animation to be seen on the timeline. Whereas if you wish to select an individual frame easily then can choose a larger frame option.

The short option will decrease the height the timeline which will let more layers be visible in the same amount of space.


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