Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Star wars text effect in Flash CS4

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Star Wars text effect in Flash CS4. I have used the default motion presets to create this effect, but the 3D rotation tool can also be used. The Star Wars text effect can be seen at the beginning of each Star Wars film where text crawls away from the screen toward a vanishing point. You can download the Star War font for this tutorial if you wish. According to Wikipedia the text used the Star War films is called New Gothic. I have used a free font called Star Jedi which can be downloaded here.

Star wars text effect in Flash CS4

Step 1

Open a new Flash AS3 file in CS4 and change the stage to a black colour.

Step 2

Select the Text tool with static text and #FFFE65 colour and type your message on the stage. I have used a font called Star Jedi which can be downloaded here.

Make sure your text fills the whole of the stage area and the paragraph format is set to justify. It does not matter if you text overlaps the stage boundaries.

Step 3

Using the selection tool select your text on the stage and then open up the motion preset panel by selecting Window > Motion Preset. Locate the ‘text scroll 3D’ preset and select the apply button. A window dialog about converting a symbol for tween will appear, click ok.

Step 4

If you test your movie now it will look a little odd. Firstly, the text will be moving too quickly and secondly the text will be starting in the middle of the stage. To fix the latter problem select the first frame on the timeline then select 3D translation tool and drag the green y axis handle downwards so that the text is moved off the stage. Repeat this for the last key frame so that the text is moved off the top of the stage. Still with the last key frame selected set the alpha property to 0% on the colour effects panel.

To fix the fast text, simply increase the number of frame in between the tween.

Step 5

Test your text effect Ctrl + Enter. You should now have a Star Wars text effect.


aloha from flo 5 April 2010 at 16:55  

wow that is so kool! Great directions.

Jesse 15 April 2010 at 13:56  

If you convert the text to a movie symbol and then use the 3-D rotation tool rotate it around the x-axis, followed by the 3-D translation tool to move it away, you will get a much more authentic effect. This will cause the text to actually move away from the viewer towards the vanishing point instead of up. Also, the type face you are using is more appropriate for the opening scene where it says STAR WARS. The type face of the scrolling text is much closer to something like Microsoft Tai Le in bold.
I still enjoyed the tutorial anyway! I am not trying to be a downer just thought you might enjoy the advice.
Keep it up!

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