Saturday, 27 March 2010

TextAnim class

I found a free open source class called TextAnim which dynamically creates text animations in Actionscript 3. You can see an example of this class at this website here.

TextAnim works by breaking up the text field into characters, words, or lines and then dispatching up to five different block sequences to create the text animations. You then use a tweening engine of your choice to create the animations. The TextAnim documentation can be found here.

To get the TextAnim class to work you need to first download the zip file from here. Then extract the folder called ‘flupie’ into the same directory as your fla file. Open a Flash AS3 file and select the Text tool with dynamic text and type your message. I have used Myriad Pro font with red colour.

Give your dynamic text field an appropriate instance name e.g. myText.

Select the ‘Character Embedding’ button and embed the glyphs you have used in your text message. If you are using more than one glyphs set then hold down the Ctrl key and choose all the glyphs you need.

On the timeline insert layer called action then open up the actions panel and enter your code. Below is an example of a text animation I have created.


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