Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Spinning animation in Flash

I was recently asked to create a spinning animation in Flash with Flash Player 9. I have previously created a spinning animation by tweening the rotationY property with the TweenLite class in Flash Player 10 from this post. However, Flash Player 9 does not have support for 3D Rotation. I could have used a 3D engine like Papervision3D (FP9) to recreate this effect, but I have used timeline animation with the blur filter, easing and transform to give an illusion of spinning. Here is an example of a coin spinning. I have set the FPS to 30.

This is a screenshot of what my timeline looks like.

I have used a single image of a coin and converted it into a movie clip. The reverse side is created by duplicating the coin movie clip and applying a flip horizontal transform with the colour effect style set to Tint: 0x000000 at 30%.

To create this animation I have used the Transform tool (T) to squash the movie clips together and added a blur filter with the blurX at: 20pxI have also added ease-in at: -100 to the front coin, and ease-out at: 100 to the back coin. The coin animation is then repeated when it spins back to its original position. The easing gives a gradual acceleration and deceleration when the coin is spinning.


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