Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sync browser and devices

I found a really good open source tool called Browser sync that syncs multiple browsers and devices at the same time. This means if you make a change in the HTML/CSS/JS all the browsers and devices you have linked up will update live without having to refresh. This makes if useful for cross-device testing and development.

To use Browser sync you firstly need to have Npm installed on your machine. Open up a terminal, I’m using a mac, and type the following command.

npm install -g browser-sync

This will install Browser sync globally on your machine so will be available for all your projects. Once Browser sync is installed you will have to ‘cd’ into the folder and use the following command.
browser-sync start --server --files

Another impressive feature of the Browesr sync is the ‘Interaction sync’ where the click, scroll and form data entry and all mirrored in the devices and browsers.


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