Saturday, 21 March 2015

Fast Android Studio emulator

The Android studio default emulator can run sluggish at times and can often take up to five minutes to start depending on the power of your machine. Due to the long waiting times I found a quick emulator solution called GenyMotion.

To get started with GenyMotion a few essentials things will have to be installed. Firstly, visit the website and register an account. Once you have registered you can download and install on your machine.

The Android Studio plugin for GenyMotion will also need to be installed. From the Android Studio Welcome page select Configure > Plugins. Then search for GenyMotion in the search box and install. When the plugin is installed you should see an icon like the image below in your toolbar.

The plugin will have to be configured so it can run when you test an application. In the plugin settings add the path to the GenyMotion application.

Finally the VirtualBox host will also have to be downloaded and installed. Ensure you select the correct operation system.

To get started with GenyMotion you firstly have to add a virtual device by selecting the Add button. Once you have selected the device you want to install, the files will be downloaded automatically and ready for use next time the application is run in Android studio.


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